Achieve your athletic potential in the water.

Your Lesson

At Swim Canary Wharf you will receive a true one to one lesson in a facility designed specifically for learning technique.
Instant video playback at poolside

Allows Ray to clearly explain and highlight your flaws and improvements in real time.

Same day lesson feedback

The video footage along with Ray’s instructions and ‘homework’ are shared via Dropbox within hours of your lesson.

The pool is above ground not sunk

This allows clear communication. You are at eye level with the teacher, not at their feet.


The gentle current of the Endless Pool highlights flaws, but rewards good technique. Eureka moments are unmistakable!



60 min OFF PEAK £79
60 min PEAK £85


5x OFF PEAK £370
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10x PEAK £750




90 min OFF PEAK £110
90 min PEAK £125


90 min 5x OFF PEAK £515

90 min 5x PEAK £590


*Initial consultation requires one hour per person.


OFF PEAK 0900 to 1800

PEAK 1800 to 2100 Plus Saturdays



Whether you are an open water swimmer, triathlete, master or pleasure swimmer, Ray will help you to achieve your athletic potential in the water.
With over 22 years swimming teaching experience, Ray Gibbs has developed a clear step-by-step approach to stroke technique development. The addition of instant video playback allows him to quickly identify the flaws in a stroke and address them by teaching the client tailored exercises that they can incorporate into their swimming routine.

About Ray:

Ray took up swimming in his mid twenties when he began competing in Triathlons. A Channel relay in 1992 began his love of open water swimming.

Starting from scratch and frustrated by the lack of clear information on how to become a distance swimmer, he watched the technique of the talented ex-GB swimmers at his local masters club and realised that natural swimmers engaged the water, rather than snatched at it, breathed rhythmically, rather than gasped, and streamlined their bodies to slip through the water instead of fighting their way through it.

He also studied with the ASA in order to learn the theory behind what he was seeing. He became one of the fastest swimmers in his age group not by being fitter or stronger than the next man, but by using sound swimming technique. His relatively recent journey from ‘holiday splasher’ to fast and efficient open water swimmer gives him an empathy with his clients as they learn, first the basics and then the more advanced propulsive techniques of front crawl.


A selection of videos that give you an insight to learning to swim faster with Swim Canary Wharf.
Example Video Analysis

January 24, 2017  /  By Ray Gibbs

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Leaning on arm when breathing

January 23, 2017  /  By Ray Gibbs

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Common Mistakes

January 23, 2017  /  By Ray Gibbs

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Swim Canary Wharf

Unit 110 Cannon Workshops

Cannon Drive


E14 4AS


There is onsite parking available, just email Ray with car registration prior to your lesson.

Tube and Docklands Light Railway

Nearest Tube Canary Wharf (15min walk).

Nearest DLR Westferry (5min walk).

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